Trump’s personal lawyer published a map of Ukraine without Crimea

The personal lawyer of US President Donald Trump Rudolph Giuliani shared a video with a map of Ukraine without Crimea. This entry was posted on his YouTube channel.

The mentioned card contains the cover of the video. Moreover, the official position of the United States is that Russia illegally annexed the peninsula.

In the author’s program, entitled “Common Sense,” Giuliani talks about the theft of money from ex-president Barack Obama and former vice president Joe Biden. They allegedly withheld 5.3 billion dollars, which were supposed to be allocated for financial assistance to Ukraine.

In September 2019, a scandal began in the United States due to information about the pressure that Donald Trump allegedly tried to exert on President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to help him get elected for a second term. According to some reports, the US president put pressure on the Ukrainian leader in a July telephone call, demanding that he begin an investigation into the actions of his son Joe Biden in exchange for providing military and financial assistance to Kiev. Giuliani allegedly played a key role in realizing the pressure.

After that, the Democrats initiated an impeachment procedure, following which Trump was acquitted. In May, federal judge Amy Jackson ordered the Trump administration to send at least 20 emails to the court that talk about US military assistance to Ukraine.

EU countries, the United States and Ukraine imposed restrictions on Moscow in 2014 due to the accession of Crimea to Russia. Then additional sanctions were imposed due to the situation in eastern Ukraine.