Trump’s rating has fallen to a low

Trump's rating has fallen to a low

The rating of U.S. President Donald Trump, whose term expires at noon on January 20, has fallen to its lowest for his entire reign.

As it turned out, currently the actions of the head of state approve of 34 percent of Americans. It is noted that this is consistent with other polls, which have shown a decline in Trump’s rating by about 10 points since his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Politico also writes that all four years in office, the Republican’s rating has been fairly stable, hovering around 40 percent. Now, Democratic voters despise the President and his support among Republicans has dropped from 83 percent in December 2020 to 75 percent.

Earlier, the U.S. House of Representatives began discussing the impeachment of Trump.

Before that, lawmakers supported a call for Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to impeach Trump. He did not invoke it.

The president was accused of sedition after the storming of the Capitol and of “seriously endangering the security of the United States and the institutions of government.” According to members of the House of Representatives, Trump remains a threat to national security and democracy and should be removed from office because of this, albeit a week before his term ends. If congressmen approve the resolution, Trump will become the only American leader in history to be impeached twice.