Trump’s relationship with the vice president was seen as a rift

Trump's relationship with the vice president was seen as a rift

In the relationship between U.S. President Donald Trump and his deputy, Vice President Mike Pence saw a rift.

According to the TV channel, the first persons of the country have not spoken to each other since January 6. The reason was Trump’s repeated “calls for Pence to violate his oath of office and somehow try to interfere with the approval of the election results.”

Also, an informed source said, Pence was upset that Trump didn’t try to quiet his supporters when they went to storm the Capitol. At the same time, calls for retaliation against the vice president could be heard in the crowd.

Afterwards, Pence complained to his entourage that he had been “a good partner for years” but the president abandoned him because of “one little thing”.

Earlier it was reported that Pence decided to go to the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden on January 20. At the same time, Biden called the decision of the current U.S. head of Donald Trump not to attend the event, which he announced earlier, good.