Trump’s Snapchat account will disappear from the “interesting” section

11 months ago

The Snapchat app will remove U.S. President Donald Trump’s account from the interesting section after posting the president on Twitter about protesters in Minneapolis, Axios reports.

“Now we are not promoting the president’s content on the interesting platform … We will not distribute voices inciting racial violence and injustice, freely promoting them in the interesting,” the words of the representative of Snapchat are quoted.

Trump previously wrote on Twitter that he will send the National Guard to Minneapolis if the mayor does not take control of the riots surrounding the death of African-American George Floyd.

On May 25, Minneapolis police detained African-American George Floyd. During the detention, the policeman knelt on the man’s neck. Floyd screamed that he was choking, but law enforcement officers did not pay attention to it. As a result, the man died in intensive care. This caused massive protests and riots in the United States.

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