Trump’s team advised him not to interrupt Biden in the second debate

The team of US President Donald Trump believes that during the debate on October 22, he will not have to interrupt his opponent, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and try to joke more, writes Axios.

Journalists believe that in the new debate, Trump will try to speak with his rival in a more calm tone and will not interrupt him, as happened in the first verbal duel between politicians. At the same time, the interlocutors did not rule out that the head of the White House will continue to attack Hunter Biden, Joe’s son.

“All Trump has to do is give people the opportunity to vote for him. In the first debate, he did exactly the opposite. So I hope he can improve, ”said one of the sources close to the Trump team.

Assistants to the Republican presidential candidate of the United States believe that if Trump had allowed Biden during the first debate to speak, and the moderator to ask questions, his opponent would have started rhetorical reasoning and would have looked old-fashioned “chatty”.

Recall that the first round of debate between Biden and Trump took place on September 29. The next debate between the US presidential candidates will take place in Nashville, Tennessee on October 22. Presidential elections are scheduled for November 3.