Trump’s team explained his defeat

Trump's team explained his defeat

Working for the team of former U.S. President Donald Trump sociologist Tony Fabrizio released a study in which he explained his defeat in the presidential election of 2020.

Fabrizio concluded that the key factor was the coronavirus: the anti-pandemic policy chosen by the Republican seemed to be unsuccessful to American voters. Additionally, the fact that the head of the United States initially opposed the wearing of masks and rarely wore them himself had an impact.

Trump’s support among different populations was crucial: White Americans and suburbanites, who brought him victory in 2016, were much more likely to vote for Democrats than last time. At the same time, Trump won a few percent among Hispanics and even improved his position among blacks by 1 percent – but that was not enough to compensate for the loss of his core electorate.

The polls on which the study is based took place in 10 U.S. states: five of them switched to the Democrats in 2020, though they supported Trump in 2016, and five more stayed with the Republican. It is unknown whether the former president himself read the study: he accused his opponents of fraud and election manipulation and denied that he lost the race.