Trump’s worsening condition was told in the White House

On the morning of last Friday, October 2, US President Donald Trump, who became ill with the coronavirus, had a sharp drop in blood oxygen saturation and a high temperature. This was announced by the head of the White House staff Mark Meadows.

“We were really concerned about this,” he said on Fox News, but clarified that currently the American leader does not have a fever, and the level of saturation is normal.

We will remind, initially the doctor of the American leader Sean Conley said that Trump feels well and continues to fulfill his duties. However, later, the 74-year-old president began to show symptoms of the disease – coughing and fever. The White House said it was decided to be hospitalized “for a few days as a precautionary measure.”

On the eve, Trump decided to inform citizens about his health. In a video message, he said that he feels better and plans to return to the election campaign soon. Conley later said that doctors assess the president’s condition with “cautious optimism”, since it is “too early to say that the worst is over.”