Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer Get popular By You Tube group after cheating on his wife

It’s enough to be a jerk, however when you add an element of hypocrisy it’s a guarantee that you’ll never make anyone’s trust, just inquire with Ned Fulmer from the wildly famous YouTube The Try Guys. The Try Guys.

He’s been fired just following the revelation that the cheating of his wife Ariel in a relationship with one employees from the company.

The Try Guys, made up of four ex- BuzzFeed employees which includes Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfield and Eugene Lee Yang, have millions of subscribers and have earned billions of views on the videos they have posted “trying” various things.

The concept is simple, but it has evolved into a multi-faceted venture that doesn’t just include YouTube videos, but also YouTube videos however, it also includes the television food show as well as a book and podcasts.

The scandal of cheating has split the group and was confirmed the previous day that Fulmer was separating from his colleagues after being captured on camera kissing an employee, who was identified as Alex.The woman was named Alex.

“Ned Fulmer is no more employed by The Try Guys,” The Try Guys announced in an announcement.

“As the outcome of our own internal examination, we don’t think we can find a way forward. We would like to thank you for your assistance as we move through the changes.”

The group’s departure comes after father-of-two Fulmer admitted to having an “consensual working relationship”.

In the Instagram posts, he said: “Family should have always been my top priority, however I lost my focus and was in a an unconvincing workplace relationship.

“I’m regretful for the harm caused by my actions that I may have caused to my fellow players and the fans , but more importantly, to Ariel. The only thing that is important at the moment is my family and my marriage and that’s where I’ll focus my attention.”

His wife, who was a presenter on both the You Can Sit With Us podcast as well as a podcast with Fulmer named Baby Steps — has added to Instagram to share her own message in which she writes: “Thanks to everyone who has reached out to meIt means a lot.

“Nothing matters more to me or Ned as our families, and the only thing we ask for right now is to keep our privacy private to ensure the safety of our children.”

This is a huge embarrassment for all parties involved and one of the reasons why fans are unhappy is the fact that Fulmer was often referred to by his nickname of”the “wife guy” with Ariel an integral part of his identity. Fulmer even calls himself “@arielfulmer’s husband in the bio on his Instagram profile”.

Following the admissions to cheating, a lot of fans have taken to the two’s social media pages to express their opinion that Ariel deserves more.

One person said: “When ya whole personality was her , and you do this”s**t”.

“Honestly I am grateful that these people aren’t willing to support their child. Naturally regretful to lose him, but… it is true that there will be consequences for your conduct, man,” another person wrote.

The fan was thinking about his kids: “You know he talked about how he had to navigate his kids’ lives with his embarrassing photos on the internet however, this is by far the most embarrassing and painful thing about him online presence.”

The latest news may help provide a reason for why Fulmer was absent from recent videos by the group and confirms theories that were swirling around Reddit threads for months.

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