“Tua Tagovailoa” Taken To Level 1 Trauma Centre After Severe Head Injury During TNF

The following day, Tagovailoa briefly left a game against the Buffalo Bills when he collapsed following a brutal hit. The team stated that it was a back injury and Tagovailoa was able to play the entire second period.

In the Thursday Night Football, Tua would get another traumatic injury following a sack that would cause his head to hit the ground. The next time, he was carried to a stretcher, and transferred into the medical facility.

In actuality, he’d be transported to the Levbel One Trauma clinic to conduct a thorough assessment.

The Miami Dolphins have since updated the condition of Tua, and posted in their twitter account Tua is conscious and able to move his extremities.

Tagovailoa landed on the ground with the left arm, the back and front of the helmet. He was down for a few some time with both teams’ players looking concerned.

Based on Prime Video play-by-play announcer Al Michaels the broadcast’s medical expert advised that the hands of Tagovailoa’s in the booth changing to the “fencing” position after the impact was an “neurological response to head trauma.”

We’ll just have to pray that the man will be fine.

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