10 months ago

Tucson police chief resigned after death of arrested

10 months ago

Tucson police chief Chris Magnus resigned Wednesday after the death of a 27-year-old man who died while in police custody.

Magnus made a proposal to fire him during a press conference, after the death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez, which became public, according to the Associated Press. Tucson City Council and the mayor must sign a letter of resignation before it becomes official.

Ingram-Lopez died of a sudden cardiac arrest on April 21, when he was handcuffed and held by force. The arrested person had used cocaine before, a medical examination said. His grandmother called the police after Ingram-Lopez began to behave strangely. During the arrest, he stopped breathing.

Mayor Regina Romero is still considering Magnus’s resignation proposal, but praised him as an “honest and great” police chief. Magnus also said the three officers who carried out the arrest “committed numerous violations and were unable to deal with the incident in accordance with their training.”

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