TV channels in the United States interrupted Trump’s speech due to outright lies on the air

American TV channels interrupted the speech of the incumbent President Donald Trump. The broadcasts were stopped due to the fact that the head of state announced the machinations of his opponents, which did not exist.

Broadcasts were stopped by MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, and USA Today. MSNBC host Brian Williams said: “… We not only interrupt the US president, but we also correct him.”

CNBC host Shepard Smith said on the air: “We are interrupting the broadcast because what the President of the United States has just said is mostly completely wrong.”

Trump’s short press conference was the first since the day of the vote, which took place on November 3, says the Telegram channel “Rise”. In it, Trump said that he wins the elections, if you count only “legal votes.” He accused the Democratic Party of ballot fraud.

Recall that the vote count in the United States has not yet been completed. The gap between Trump and his opponent, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, has narrowed significantly in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona.