Twitch temporarily blocked the official channel of Donald trump

The streaming service Twitch temporarily blocked the official channel of US President Donald Trump. About it on Monday, June 29.

According to him, the reason for the blockage was a “manifestation of hatred.” The company also said that offensive content has been removed.

According to The Verge, this refers to Trump’s Tulsa speech broadcast in Twitch, during which the American leader said that “Mexico sends rapists to the United States.” In addition, according to the publication, Trump allowed himself a number of racist statements.

At the same time, the Reddit portal closed the subsection dedicated to Trump – The_Donald. Almost 800 thousand people were subscribed to it. Forum moderators called the reason for the blocking a hatred of a person or a group of people, CNN reports.

On June 5, Twitter removed Trump’s video on death after police detained African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

In a video lasting about four minutes, Trump warns of a “threat of violence and anarchy” emanating from “radical leftist groups.” In the video, shots of riots and robberies are replaced by shots of garbage collection in the streets.