Twitter began actively fighting fakes about 5G connection with the spread of COVID-19

11 months ago

The social network Twitter began actively tagging messages about the 5G connection and the COVID-19 pandemic

As previously reported, in March on the social network Twitter posts with false information regarding the coronavirus COVID-19, began to be marked with special labels.

Special notes “Learn the facts about COVID-19” are received, including publications that report on the possible connection of 5G networks with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

By clicking on the shortcut the user is taken to a page with the following content:

“No, 5G does not cause coronavirus. Many people have spread unreasonable stories that 5G technology is associated with the spread of COVID-19. This theory has been refuted by several reputable sources, including government officials and technology and medical experts. ”

It is worth noting that at present, special labels appear both on posts that contain untrue information, and on publications in which a fake about the connection of 5G and COVID-19 is ridiculed, or these two words are simply mentioned.

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