Twitter deletes Trump post due to copyright infringement

Twitter has removed the post of US President Donald Trump after complaining about copyright infringement, reports Reuters.

This is a campaign video posted by Presidential Aide Daniel Scavino, which was retweeted by Trump. It featured a song by the American rock band Linkin Park. The post disappeared from the White House head’s feed on Saturday night with the note “This post was removed in response to a copyright infringement complaint.”

Twitter said it had deleted the president’s tweet following a complaint from the rock group’s label Machine Shop Entertainment. “We are responding to valid complaints about copyright infringement sent to us by their owners or authorized representatives,” the company said.

The confrontation between Trump and Twitter began in May, after the social network marked several posts of the head of state with a special badge warning of inaccurate information.

After that, Trump signed an order for stricter regulation of social networks. The president also said he could shut down Twitter in the United States. the company then covered up a tweet from the head of the White House related to the protests.

In June, Twitter removed from Trump’s feed a video about the death of African American George Floyd and the protests that followed, citing complaints from copyright holders.