Twitter head speaks out about Trump’s total blocking

Twitter head speaks out about Trump's total blocking

The chief executive officer of Twitter Inc. Jack Dorsey said the decision to ban U.S. President Donald Trump from communicating with his audience via microblogging was necessary.

“It was the right decision for Twitter. We were faced with extraordinary and unacceptable circumstances that forced us to focus all of our actions on public safety. I don’t celebrate or feel proud that we had to shut down @realDonaldTrump or how we got to this point,” Dorsey wrote in a series of tweets.

He noted that after a clear warning about the intention to block Trump’s account, the social network did so for the sake of safety on and off the social network, but how true is that position?

“The need to ban the account has real and significant consequences. I feel that the ban shows our inability to create an environment for healthy communication,” the social networking chief said.

Dorsey expressed concern about the collective power of technology companies to silence Trump on social media at one time. Dorsey doesn’t believe it was coordinated, but added that he hopes the social media industry moves toward a “decentralized standard.” He called the current precedent “dangerous” because it puts the power of corporations above “global public discussion.”

Earlier it became known that another social network promised to permanently block Trump’s account. Deprive the account of the current President of the United States promised in the social network Snapchat. So far Trump’s account has been frozen.