Twitter removes the words “master”, “slave” and “blacklist”

The social platform Twitter removes the words “master”, “slave” and “blacklist”.

This was reported by the British BBC service.

It is noted that deleted terms are used in many program codes that were created many years ago.

According to experts, the replacement of these terms can cost millions of dollars and last for months.

In particular, in programming, the word “master” refers to the main version of the code that controls replicas. The “black list” is used to describe automatically forbidden elements, for example, forbidden websites.

Twitter plans to replace words that the company considers “racist,” with others. For example, they want to replace the term “white list” with “allowlist”, and the words “master / slave” with “leader / follower”.

Moreover, over the replacement of the term “master” in the programming language, they also announced last year in GitHub, the largest site for software developers used to store and update code projects.