Twitter Removes Trump’s Campaign Video Because of Linkin Park Song

Twitter has removed the presidential video of US President Donald Trump due to the use of the song In the End by the American rock band Linkin Park. This was announced on Sunday, July 19, by the RT in Russian Telegram channel.

It is clarified that the American leader retweeted the video from the page of assistant Dan Scavino, after which the Machine Shop Entertainment label, whose artists are members of Linkin Park, filed a complaint. The social network deleted the post.

On their official Twitter page, the musicians commented on the incident. The post says that the group “does not support and disapprove of Trump, and also does not allow his administration to use any music” of the collective.

The late Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington has previously stated on his social media that he sees Trump as a threat to the United States far greater than terrorism.

In June, the British rock band The Rolling Stones demanded that US President Donald Trump not use her music in his election campaign. The BMI copyright organization, which represents the interests of the group, issued a statement according to which Trump’s unauthorized use of the songs of the group would be a violation of the license agreement.