Twitter’s head commented on Trump’s blocking of the social network

Twitter's head commented on Trump's blocking of the social network

According to Jack Dorsey, he is not proud of this situation.
U.S. President Donald Trump was blocked on many social networks after his supporters stormed the Capitol. Including one of the most popular media platforms, Twitter, also “banned” the head of the American state. We are talking about both his personal account and the official account of the U.S. President.

And now, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey commented publicly on these actions on the part of the platform for the first time. According to him, the decision was “correct. He wrote about it in his account. The message took up several dozen tweets.

Dorsey said the service took this step after a clear warning. Twitter “made the decision based on the best information we had about threats to physical security.”

Also, Dorsey said he’s not proud of the situation and he’s not personally celebrating the blocking of the American president. The very need, in the opinion of the head of Twitter, to block users shows that the company is unable to ensure healthy communication of users.

Note that Donald Trump’s Twitter account was blocked after posting two tweets on it that Trump himself would not allow disrespect to the voters who voted for him in the election, and would not come to the inauguration of the newly elected President Joe Biden.

Recall that Trump is trying to find a new social media outlet after the Twitter ban. Many prominent conservatives, including Brad Parscale, Trump’s former campaign manager, and Rush Limbaugh, a leading right-wing radio voice, reacted to Trump’s ouster by blowing up Twitter, immediately leaving the site or prompting the president’s loyal supporters to turn to alternatives. Trump himself has made it clear that he is in talks about joining other social media outlets.