Two billion doses of coronavirus vaccine promised in the UK by fall

11 months ago

The British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca plans to release two billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine by September. It is reported by the BBC.

The company emphasized that it had already begun production in order to be in time by the time the results of its application were received.

“We want to be as fast as possible. Of course, this decision is fraught with risk, but it is a financial risk if the vaccine does not work. Then all the materials, all the vaccines we made will be wasted, ”said Pascal Soriot, director of AstraZeneca.

The company noted that the production of so many doses was made possible through agreements with the Epidemic Preparedness Innovation Coalition (CEPI) and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), as well as with the Indian State Vaccine Institute (Serum Institute of India )

If the vaccine is successful, they promise to provide it with hundreds of millions of people around the world, including in low-income countries – they plan to send a billion doses there.

AstraZeneca has become a research partner for a vaccine being developed at Oxford University. She began to be tested in April. In June, the results of the first phase of clinical trials will appear. If successful, UK residents will be provided with vaccine by September.

Earlier, on June 4, Russia announced the readiness of the coronavirus vaccine for clinical trials in previously selected military personnel. It was reported that tests have already been completed on small and large animals (hamsters and monkeys). It has been tested for toxicity, safety, immunogenicity and protective efficacy.

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