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Two brothers killed the whole family and committed suicide

Two brothers from Dallas, Texas, USA, killed their entire family and committed suicide.

According to law enforcement officials, the two brothers shot their parents, sister and grandmother and then killed themselves. Their names have not been released. One of the brothers revealed his plans on social media. He said the decision to kill his relatives was made after thoughtfully weighing the pros and cons.

He also reported that he had been cutting himself frequently recently and that his treatment for depression had stopped working. According to the police, the post pays special attention to the TV series “The Office” – the young man was very unhappy with its ending. In addition, he complained about how easily his co-conspirator brother was able to get guns.

Earlier, it was reported that a gunman opened fire at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, USA, killing six people, including one police officer. As witnesses told local TV channels, an unidentified man suddenly opened fire in the store, causing customers to panic and begin to scatter. Police officers arrived on the scene. The shooter was detained.

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