Two Buffalo policemen hard-thrown 75-year-old man to the ground

11 months ago

Two Buffalo police officers suspended from work after committing an act of violence against an elderly person. Participants in the protest filmed a video of how the police hard-hitting a 75-year-old American.

Law enforcers stifled a protest in Niagara Square right in front of the city hall to clear the area. An unnamed 75-year-old man was shot down by two officers, he fell on the sidewalk and hit his head hard. In a video shot by eyewitnesses, it is noticeable that he began to bleed heavily from a wound on his head.

Ambulance doctors on duty on the spot gave him first aid and sent him to the hospital. It is reported that the victim is in serious but stable condition.

Buffalo police spokesman said the man stumbled and fell, but an hour later the WBFO channel posted a video of the incident on Twitter. After this publication, the police began an internal investigation, Commissioner Byron Lockwood (Byron Lockwood) ordered the removal of two involved officers.

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