Two children locked in a car died in the USA while their father slept

In the American city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, two young children died, locked for five hours in a car by their father. This was reported on June 15 by Fox23, citing a police report.

According to a law enforcement report, 31-year-old Dustin Lee Dennis said that he went to the store on the afternoon of June 13 with his children and went back to bed upon his return. When the man woke up after about five hours, he discovered that his children were not in the house. Then he found his children – a daughter at the age of 4 years and a three-year-old son – on the floor of his pickup truck and transferred them to the house.

Later, medical service workers who arrived at the scene of the incident noted the fact of the death of children, while at the moment the cause of death is not indicated.

“The children were not checked for nearly five hours while they were in the car,” the police said.

It is also known that at present the man has been charged with second-degree murder and taken into custody. According to local weather forecasters, on June 13, the city had an air temperature above +30 ° C.