Two dolphins washed ashore on the southern coast of Israel

2 weeks ago

One dolphin was on the beach of Ashkelon, and the second just south of the sea beach of Nitzanim.

Both mammals died. The dolphins were taken to the Morris Kahn Center for Marine Research for an autopsy. Morris Kahn Center for Marine Research at the University of Haifa. It is suspected that one of them, a young male, may have suffocated by becoming entangled in a fishing net.

Also that day, two loggerhead turtles were washed ashore by the sea. One of the turtles died. The second, badly injured, was taken to the National Sea Turtle Rescue Center on the north coast.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority reported that a young whale that washed ashore at Nitzanim in February died due to poor physical condition. The whale’s body was filled with parasites. However, scientists are still investigating possible additional causes of the animal’s death.

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