Two national security officials are forced to resign because of the White House

Two senior Ministry of Internal Security officials were forced to resign because of the White House, insiders say.

They include a high-ranking DHS cyber defence official who was dismissed because of national security concerns. Brian Weer was reported to have worked as an assistant director at the DHS. Assistant Interior Minister for Foreign Affairs Valerie Boyd also resigned because of pressure from the Donald Trump administration.

Weir’s farewell letter to staff indicates that he did not want to resign. He says he is leaving “with great sadness” and that “it is too soon. He goes on to list all the achievements during his tenure. “We secured election day from foreign interference,” he wrote in an address, reports CyberScoop.

Matt Hartman, deputy mayor, will take over as acting assistant director.

The resignations followed a radical change in the civilian leadership structure of the Ministry of Defense, which replaced several of the Pentagon’s most senior civilian officials with alleged loyalists to the current president. The changes began with Trump’s dismissal of Defense Minister Mark Esper.

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