10 months ago

Two planes collided in Canada

10 months ago

Among the five participants in the incident, only one was injured, escaping with light bruises and scratches.

A small passenger plane Cessna 172 collided in the air with a seaplane. On Sunday, June 14, the CBC News channel reported.

According to him, on board Cessna were four people, including one child. The plane was able to land at Arnprior Airport, adjacent to Ottawa, despite damage to the nose wheel in an accident.

According to eyewitnesses, the seaplane after the collision fell into the Ottawa River. His 70-year-old pilot was able to independently get out of the cockpit before rescuers arrived in boats on him.

It is noted that the pilot received only scratches and minor injuries and refused hospitalization.

As previously reported, the Iraqi military transport aircraft S-130, owned by the US Air Force, crashed. The incident occurred while landing at the Et-Taj military base.

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