Two rabbis called heroes of the city of New Jersey

Democrat in New Jersey MP Josh Gottimer regularly compiles a list of people who deserve the title Hero of Hometown. This time, Rabbi Hanoch Kaplan and Rabbi Mendi Kaminker were on the list.

This was reported on the website

They are the leaders of the Jewish communities of the Chabad movement.

Their merit list includes comprehensive support for members of Jewish communities. During self-isolation, they contacted the Jews through Zoom and lectured to them, as well as having conversations.

In addition, they organized the delivery of food packages for the meeting of Passover and Shavuot. Jews also received their kits for the Shabbat meeting.

Rabbi Hanoch Kaplan and Rabbi Mendi Kaminker provided masks to one of the hospitals so that both physicians and patients had access to protection, regardless of financial situation.