U.S. Attorney General thinks about resigning before Trump’s presidency ends

U.S. Attorney General thinks about resigning before Trump's presidency ends

U.S. Attorney General William Barr thought about resigning before Donald Trump’s presidency ended.

According to one of the newspaper’s interlocutors, Barr may announce his resignation before the end of the year. However, it is not clear what has influenced the thinking on this possibility. It is noted that the reason may be both Trump’s refusal to admit defeat in the presidential elections, and Barr’s words that the US Department of Justice found no mass falsifications.

At the same time, another source said that Barr thought about leaving last week, and Trump did not affect this decision. Another interlocutor believed that the Attorney General had done all the work in the Ministry of Justice that he had planned.

William Barr has served as U.S. attorney general since February 2019.

On November 3, the regular presidential elections were held in the USA. The counting of votes and proceedings on this issue continue to this day. According to the media, Biden won the necessary number of votes to win the election, thus bypassing Trump. The Democrat has already proclaimed himself elected president of the United States. Trump does not admit defeat in the election and accuses his opponent of “large-scale fraud.