U.S. attorney orders to investigate reports of election fraud

US Attorney General William Barr has ordered the Department of Justice to investigate reports of election fraud.

It is noted that Barr authorized federal prosecutors to investigate “material allegations” of voting irregularities. We are talking about those cases where manipulations could affect the final result in the region. At the same time, the states must settle all procedures by December 8, including recounts and litigation over the results. It is known that the members of the electoral college will meet on December 14 to take stock.

The former head of state, Donald Trump, promised the Americans to continue fighting for the country and never give up on this path. He added that he intends to use all legal means to ensure that “illegal ballots” are not taken into account when counting votes.

On November 7, Democrat Joe Biden, who received 290 of the required 270 electoral votes and thus secured his victory, declared himself elected President of the United States. In turn, Donald Trump said that he hopes to regain his leading position in a number of states through the courts.