U.S.-China trade war hits Apple’s ambitions

7 days ago

Apple is in talks with Chinese companies Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) and BYD to supply batteries for its electric cars, but tensions between Washington and Beijing could be an obstacle to the deal.

According to the agency’s sources, it is not yet clear whether an agreement can be reached with any of these Chinese partners. Apple is ready to supply batteries only if production is arranged in the United States. At the same time CATL is not ready to build a plant there because of political differences between the U.S. and Chinese authorities. Whether Apple is discussing supplies with other battery manufacturers is also not yet known. Apple, CATL and BYD declined to comment.

U.S.-China trade war hits Apple's ambitions

The U.S. company has scheduled production of its electric passenger car with autopilot for 2024. It was originally thought that the battery in it would be created using the company’s own breakthrough technology, but it is unclear whether that technology appears in negotiations with Chinese suppliers.

Apple originally intended to unveil its first electric car back in 2019. The project was codenamed Titan, but it was not possible to meet the deadline.

Plans to launch production in 2024 were reported in December 2020. However, it was not ruled out that the deadline could be adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is assumed that the company’s plant will have to produce more than 100 thousand cars per year.