U.S. Congress launches investigation into intelligence “failures” in Capitol assault

U.S. Congress launches investigation into intelligence "failures" in Capitol assault

The heads of the House committees of Congress have requested data on what the intelligence knew before and after the attack. They also intend to find out if any foreign state played a role in the attack

The heads of four U.S. House committees sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and the heads of other federal agencies, asking for information about the intelligence and security failures that led to the January 6 riots outside the Capitol building. This was reported by CNBC television channel.

The heads of the committees named three main areas of their investigation in the letter. First of all, they intend to find out what was known to intelligence and law enforcement agencies before, during and after the attack, as well as whether foreign countries played a role in it.

The letter also seeks information on whether individuals who have or previously had access to classified information were involved in the riots. The third aspect of the investigation is what actions the government took in response to the attack.

The signatories asked for documents and requested briefings from the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Counterterrorism Center and the Director of National Intelligence for the investigation.

Supporters of current U.S. President Donald Trump staged a protest outside the Capitol on January 6, as members of Congress gathered to approve the results of the presidential election. The protests escalated into riots, with protesters storming the Congress building. As a result of the riots five people were killed, including one police officer. The US authorities started more than 100 cases against participants of the storming.

President-elect Joe Biden said that the storming of the Capitol and the riots in Washington were planned by political extremists instigated by Trump. In this regard, the House of Representatives of Congress impeached the current president. Trump himself condemned the assault and promised that those who broke the law would pay for it.