U.S. Congress Reveals American Awakening Through Protests

The youngest politician in the US Congress, Democrat Alexandria Okasio-Cortes, said the country was awakened due to mass protests.

According to Congresswoman, the events of the past month have opened the eyes of many Americans to the problems of racism and cruelty by police officers. It is reported by TMZ.

Alexandria Okasio-Cortes said that thanks to the many-day protests, an increasing number of Americans began to pay attention to issues that were not previously thought of.

In particular, clarified Okasio-Cortes, we are talking about too much funding for law enforcement agencies, which are allocated much more funds than, for example, in the health sector.

The politician also emphasized that, most likely, the ongoing rallies will contribute to the growth of activity of the electorate in anticipation of the presidential elections scheduled for November 2020.