U.S. congresswoman tried to make Muslim women swear on the Bible

U.S. congresswoman tried to make Muslim women swear on the Bible

The deputy of the US House of Representatives from the Republican Party, Marjorie Taylor Green, had a controversial behavior before she was elected: she supported violence against Democrats on Facebook and wanted to make Muslim congresswomen to swear on the Bible instead of the Koran.

Before winning her congressional seat, Green had dozens of likes for posts with a variety of conspiracy theories – in particular, she reacted with interest to speculation that former President Bill Clinton was a Satanist and pedophile and that Democratic elites were making it easier for migrants to enter so they could trade their children as sex slaves.

Other posts with conspiracy theories that have found the politician’s likes include the suggestion that the Sandy Hook school mass shooting was a staged event staged for the sake of a firearms ban. In addition, the likes from her official page are on comments calling for violence against Democratic politicians Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

A video was also published where she insists that Muslim lawmakers Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib take an oath of office on the Bible, not the Koran, and claims that if they have not done so, they are not really officials. As CNN points out, this is contrary to basic U.S. law: even the president does not have to swear precisely on the Bible.

House of Representatives member Jimmy Gomez moved a resolution to expel Green from Congress. She was outraged by everything that happened and said that her page was run by specially hired people – they liked a lot of things and made a lot of posts, and CNN only paid attention to specific things. She said it was a “custom article” to tarnish her reputation.