U.S. declares fight against corruption around the world

3 weeks ago
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The U.S. will make the fight against corruption a key objective of its foreign policy in the sphere of national security, paying special attention to encryption and cybersecurity. This is stated in a memorandum signed by President Joseph Biden, reports CNBC.

The efforts of federal agencies of the United States will be more directed on corruption – first of all it is a question of financial crimes. The measures include “steps to modernize existing anti-corruption laws”: this is required to combat criminals who use cryptocurrencies and other new technologies.

U.S. declares fight against corruption around the world
Photo: Carlos Barria

“We are looking at cryptocurrencies specifically as a way of financial fraud, in no way meaning to limit new technologies,” a representative of the authorities told the TV channel.

It is noted that the anti-corruption policy direction is part of Biden’s foreign policy program to act globally in the interests of the American middle class.