U.S. engineer explains how to survive in a falling elevator

11 months ago

Modern elevators are fairly safe mechanisms when viewed from a technical point of view. But what if, during a trip in an elevator, for example, a powerful earthquake occurs? American engineer Elliot Frank shared tips on how to survive in a falling elevator.

The scientist works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is involved, inter alia, in the safety of elevators, and therefore is well versed in the matter. Talking about how to protect themselves in a falling elevator, many people, as the engineer noted, come to what needs to be crouched. But this is a bad idea.

“Sitting in a falling elevator is not a good idea, because this will damage your spine and knee joints. There are people who think that if you bounce at the moment the elevator lands, you can avoid injuries. No. Firstly, it’s unlikely that you will be able to do this, and secondly, this will also damage your head. The best thing you can do when you are in a falling elevator is to lie on your stomach with your hands on your head, ”the specialist said.

If you lie belly on the floor of the car of the falling elevator, then the shock force from falling will be distributed evenly over the body. Thus, you will receive the minimum possible damage – says the American engineer, noting that in reality everything will depend on a whole range of factors that accompany the emergency.

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