U.S. government decides to tell the whole truth about UFOs

The U.S. government is preparing to release an extensive report on so-called “unidentified aerial phenomena,” largely based on the testimony of American military pilots, writes the Voice of America.

In the coming days, the U.S. intelligence community, together with the Pentagon, will submit its report on the topic to Congress. The Pentagon, in recent years, has published a number of videos shot by Navy pilots showing the mysterious aircraft surpassing known aviation technologies in speed and maneuverability.

Defense Department officials have made it clear that they are taking the issue seriously, while avoiding questions about the potential extraterrestrial origin of these objects. The report marks a turning point for the U.S. military, which has denied and discredited any reports of unidentified flying objects and “flying saucers” for decades.

Navy Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich was among the pilots from the aircraft carrier Nimitz who, in 2004, spotted an unknown flying object off the California coast that resembled a Tic Tac-like lollipop.

In an interview with Reuters this week, Dietrich said the episode was “professionally and objectively” analyzed by the military command after she and her colleagues reported what they saw.

The New York Times reported June 3 that intelligence has found no evidence that the “unidentified aerial phenomena” seen by the pilots are alien spacecraft, but cannot explain the unusual movements of these objects and definitively rule out their extraterrestrial origin.

Citing senior administration officials familiar with the classified version of the report, the vast majority of the more than 120 incidents involving such objects over the past two decades have not involved the U.S. military or other advanced government technology.

The report, which the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will present, includes the work of a U.S. Navy task force created by the Pentagon in August 2020 to investigate incidents of “unidentified aerial phenomena.”