U.S. House of Representatives urged Pence to remove Trump from office

U.S. House of Representatives urged Pence to remove Trump from office

The U.S. House of Representatives called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove U.S. leader Donald Trump from office.

Such a decision was made despite the fact that Pence refused in advance to comply with the 25th amendment to the Constitution. 223 lawmakers voted in favor, 205 voted against.

One member of the Republican Party supported the initiative to remove Trump. No Democrats voted against the resolution. According to it, the vice president should use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution on the incapacity of the head of state to perform his duties. If Trump does not resign, members of the Democratic Party have threatened impeachment on sedition charges.

Earlier, Pence wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the 25th Amendment “is not a means to punish and usurp,” and its application against Trump “would set a terrible precedent.” He urged Congress to avoid actions that could further divide society or lead to increased confrontation.

Earlier, the U.S. House of Representatives released a resolution to impeach Trump. Democrats also submitted to Congress a resolution to remove the current U.S. president. The politician is accused of sedition and that he has “seriously endangered the security of the United States and government institutions.” According to members of the House of Representatives, Trump remains a threat to national security and democracy and should be removed from office because of this.

The 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was adopted after the death of President John F. Kennedy. It provides for the removal of the head of state if he is incapacitated, and also allows for situations in which the leader’s illness or death prevents him from either acting or resigning. The vice-president would have to act as president until the inauguration of the new head of state.