U.S. imposes sanctions against Turkey over Russian S-400s

U.S. imposes sanctions against Turkey over Russian S-400s

The United States has imposed sanctions against Turkey over the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems (SAMs). The sanctions were imposed on employees of the Turkish defense ministry and officials.

It is specified that the restrictive measures will affect the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat, Ismail Demir, other employees of the department, as well as three more individuals associated with the deal between Ankara and Moscow.

It was reported on December 10 that the U.S. was preparing new sanctions over the deal. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the U.S. sanctions “disrespectful to a NATO partner.

Earlier in December, Turkey paid Russia for the supply of S-400 air defense systems. Sergei Chemezov, head of the Rostec State Corporation, said that Ankara will have to decide on the supply of a second batch of S-400s.

S-400 deliveries, which caused a crisis in Turkey-U.S. relations, began in mid-July 2019. Washington demanded to reject the deal and in return buy American Patriot systems, threatening to delay or cancel the sale of the latest F-35 fighter jets to Turkey altogether.