U.S. policeman charged with shocker while arresting African American

11 months ago

A police officer in Miami Gardens, Florida, who used a stun gun to arrest an African-American woman, was charged with assault and improper performance of professional duties. This was announced on Thursday by The Miami Herald.

The incident in January of this year received publicity after distributing an online video shot by an eyewitness that shows how policeman Jordi Martel approaches an African American Safia Sutchell SUV parked near a nightclub. In response to the law enforcement officer’s request to get out of the car, she refuses, after which Martel pulls her out of the car by force, puts it on the lawn, puts her knee on her neck and twice uses a stun gun against the lying woman. At this time, another policeman Javier Castano holds Sutchel’s hands.

According to Martel’s lawyer Douglas Hartman, the policeman approached the car because the African American was “clearly intoxicated.”

The newspaper indicated that Martel and Castano were fired from the police last week without explanation. It is noted that they entered the service in the fall of 2018. Earlier in the Florida Police Department, an internal investigation was conducted into them regarding the excessive use of force when detaining a man for dangerous driving in March this year.

On June 16, US President Donald Trump signed an executive decree on police reform. The document obliges the adoption of stricter rules on the use of force by law enforcement officials. In addition, social workers will assist police officers in non-violence cases such as drug addiction, lack of permanent residence and mental disorders.

This was due to mass protests and riots that erupted in many parts of the United States after the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota). The police used a stifling choke during his detention on May 25. A day later, all four police officers involved in the detention were fired. In the following days, they were charged.

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