U.S. politicians were predicted a new “war”

3 weeks ago

American politicians – representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties – were predicted a new war. Covid passports will become an occasion for discord. Such opinion was voiced by journalist of The Washingron Post Molly Roberts.

The author explains that the vaccination passport will be a certificate, which is likely to appear in the form of a scannable code for a smartphone. At the moment, such documents do not exist in the U.S., or they do not exist “on any appreciable scale,” Roberts notes. “Vaccination passports have nothing to do with international travel and more to do with everyday life right here where we already are: in our bars, stadiums and other businesses that want to open wide again,” she writes.

The newspaper previously reported that 17 coronavirus data initiatives are currently in development in the U.S. “The next thing to know about vaccination passports is that they will cause war one way or another,” the author suggests.

According to Roberts, all the signs of a “cultural crusade” are already evident. “Claims of constitutionality are full of confidence but devoid of context, accusations of hypocrisy that are themselves hypocritical, comparisons that defy critical thinking,” she added.

As an example, the journalist cited a recent tweet by former U.S. President Donald Trump Jr.’s son. “Some Democrats want American citizens to have a vaccination passport to move freely around the United States, but not an ID to vote?!? Clowns!!!” – he wrote.

Democrats are asking the same question, but in reverse, she clarifies. Republican Madison Cawthorn said the passport proposals “reek of 1940s Nazi Germany” and pointed out that U.S. President Joe Biden has “more in common with Leninism than liberalism.” The liberals countered this by exaggerating the usefulness of a concept that does not yet have sufficient evidence, the author writes. Thus, they say, these passports would not violate privacy and would not be coercive.

Roberts stresses that the truth is somewhere in the middle of the two opposing viewpoints, noting that depending on the views of the citizen, the document would be perceived as “either a sign of the oppressor or a brand of the righteous.” “Vaccination passports don’t even exist yet, but that won’t stop our divided country from turning them into exactly what we’re always looking for: an excuse to get mad at the other guy,” she concluded.

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