U.S. presidential election: 60% of “erroneous ballots” in Georgia

Fulton County, Georgia, found errors in the vote count for the November 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Evidence of fraud was presented by the group VoterGA.

The voter action group found a 60% error rate when recounting votes in Fulton County. VoterGA also found thousands of fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden.

The analysis found that 923 of the 1,539 ballots mailed contained votes for Donald Trump and Joe Biden incorrectly reported in the official results.

One type of error found involved duplicate ballot counting results. VoterGA representatives found 36 party ballots with 4,255 extra votes that were duplicates but were counted in the overall result. They included 3,390 extra votes for Joe Biden, 865 for Donald Trump and 43 for Joe Jorgenson.

In seven cases, falsified party ballot counts were found. A packet containing 59 actual ballot images for Biden, 42 for Trump, and 0 for Jorgenson was recorded as 100 votes for Biden and 0 for Trump. In all, seven batches of ballots with 554 votes for Biden, 140 for Trump and 11 for Jorgenson were counted as 850 votes for Biden, 0 for Trump and 0 for Jorgenson.

The plaintiffs also claim that Fulton failed to provide them with more than 100,000 tally sheets, even though the results of the recount were counted in November 2020. The totals were missing until late February 2021.

According to VoterGA, the county also did not provide forms about the 5,000 ballots received over three days from the ballot boxes. Also found were images of 200 ballots that were not accounted for. The irregularities found were included in a lawsuit seeking a full forensic audit of the ballots.