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U.S. riots: protesters open fire on police officers

U.S. riots: protesters open fire on police officers

On the night of Tuesday, June 2, as a result of public unrest in the United States, at least six police officers were injured due to gunshot wounds.

It is reported by ABC News.

During the riots in Las Vegas, Nevada, it became known that protesters shot at two officers. The state of the first is still unknown, he could not survive. The second officer was injured 3 km from the incident.

The police said that citizens should not be without reason in the areas where this happened, since it is life threatening.

Four more police officers were shot dead in St. Louis, Missouri. Their injuries are not life threatening.
So, three were shot in the leg, one in the arm. At the moment, shooting is still heard in the city, the police are trying to cope with the situation.

The St. Louis police chief said a peaceful protest began around 3 pm with the presence of several thousand people, but after a while a group of 200 began to rob shops.

Those who staged riots lit fires and headed toward the officers. The police had gas, but they never used it, holding back the protesters on their own.

So far, four officers from St. Louis have been taken to the hospital and treated for wounds.

An investigation is ongoing as to who and under what circumstances shot them.

Recall, on May 28, in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) protests and clashes with law enforcement agencies broke out. On the night of May 29, protesters in Minneapolis burned down a police station.

On May 30, a number of protesters staged pogroms in stores. Already on June 1, protests after the murder by police of black American George Floyd swept the whole country. Also, protests took place in Berlin and London.

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