U.S. senators quarreled over “disinformation from Russia”

U.S. senators quarreled over "disinformation from Russia"

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, a member of the Republican Party, and his colleague, Democrat Senator Gary Peters, argued during the session about who is spreading disinformation about Russia.

Johnson said senior Democrats, including Peters, circulated a classified report to the press, after which they allegedly accused him and another senator, Chuck Grassley, of “spreading disinformation from Russia,” which was obtained from Ukrainian MP Andrei Derkach. According to Johnson, he had “never even heard of the man.” “The disinformation, the lies, the false accusations are coming precisely from Senator Peters,” the Republican said.

In response, his colleague said he had nothing to do with said report. However, Johnson, in heightened tones, again accused the Democrat of lying: “You constantly lie in the press that I’m spreading disinformation from Russia. That’s an outright lie. I told you to stop lying! And you still went on!”

“I don’t know what rabbit hole you went down and where you got all this from,” Peters said in response. “You lie all the time,” Johnson parried and passed the floor to another senator.

In May, Ukrainian lawmaker Andrei Derkach released audio recordings of Poroshenko and Biden’s 2016 conversations. On them, the U.S. vice president offered the Ukrainian leader a billion dollars for the resignation of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the illegal activities of the oil and gas company Burisma. Poroshenko called the audio recordings fabricated. A criminal case on treason was opened against Poroshenko. He said that the audio files were fabricated because the Kremlin’s fifth column “launched a large-scale special operation against Ukraine.