U.S. stock indices win back part of morning loss Trump claims John Bolton will break the law if he publishes his memoirs

US President Donald Trump said his former National Security Advisor John Bolton would break the law if he published his book.

He called “extremely inappropriate” the fact that Bolton writes memoirs about his work in the White House and stated that the book contains classified information. Trump also suggested that the details contained in the book may not be true, as Bolton “is known to be lying a lot.”

According to Hill, the Trump administration plans to file a lawsuit to prevent the publication of Bolton’s memoirs at the end of June.

Bolton plans to release his memoir, The Room in which It Happened, on June 23 after posting was postponed for several months as a result of a research process for classified information by the White House National Security Council.

The White House lawyer said the manuscript still contains classified materials that could jeopardize national security. The White House said it would provide Bolton with an edited copy of the manuscript by June 19, four days before the date of publication.

Bolton’s lawyer, Charles Cooper, believes that the White House is trying to use national security as an “excuse” to censor Bolton “in violation of his constitutional right to speak on matters of exclusively public importance.”

It is expected that an unpleasant picture of Trump’s White House will be presented in his memoirs.