U.S. submarines were made of substandard steel

11 months ago

The leading supplier of the U.S. Navy was involved in a scandal with the sale of low-quality metal for the construction of nuclear submarines. The falsification of ship steel research results has been going on for decades.

Bradken Inc. – The main supplier of high-grade metal at the Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding, which builds nuclear submarines for the U.S. Navy, paid $ 10.9 million under a deferred prosecution agreement, writes AP citing the United States Department of Justice. In 2008, the company bought a metallurgical plant in Tacoma. Nine years later, when changing the management of the enterprise, it was found that the former director of the plant, 66-year-old Elaine Thomas, since the 1990s had faked the results of an analysis of 240 steel batches for submarine hulls – this is half of all the metal supplied by Bradken for the needs of the US Navy.

Thomas pleaded guilty and said that she considered “stupid requirements” to conduct metal tests at such low temperatures. Her trial will begin on June 30.

  • Bradken Inc. threatened the operations of the US Navy and the lives of sailors, ”said Seattle Attorney Brian Moran. Although the investigation documents do not mention accidents caused by the low quality of the metal, Moran believes that the Navy incurred additional costs for the combat readiness of maintaining the submarines. What kind of submarines in question are not reported.

After the fraud opened, the company actively collaborated with law enforcement agencies and pledged to tighten control over the factory laboratory. If Bradken complies with the Ministry of Justice, the company’s charge of fraud will be dropped.

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