U.S.: the door to NATO should be open to countries that meet the necessary conditions

1 month ago

This was said by a White House spokeswoman when asked about the administration’s attitude towards Ukraine’s accession to the alliance.

The administration of President Joe Biden intends to open the door to NATO membership to the countries that want to do so when they are ready and able to fulfill the necessary conditions, the White House said on Thursday.

White House spokeswoman Carine Jean-Pierre said this when she was asked by reporters aboard the presidential plane about the administration’s position on Ukraine’s accession to the defense alliance.

Jean-Pierre said Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s trip to Kiev is meant to reaffirm that the United States “supports Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.”

“His trip also underscores the importance of Ukraine passing key laws to advance the rule of law, fight corruption and pursue economic reforms that will strengthen Ukraine’s democracy and economy and help it advance on the path toward Euro-Atlantic integration,” she said.

“The Biden administration is committed to keeping the door to NATO open for those wishing to join the alliance when they are ready and able to fulfill their commitments,” she added.

Blinken, speaking in Kiev, said Washington could increase security assistance to Ukraine amid Russia’s “reckless and aggressive” actions.

The secretary of state also said Biden was eager to visit Ukraine and meet with President Vladimir Zelensky, but did not elaborate on that or Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO.

The standoff with Russia has prompted Kiev to urge the United States and Europe to help accelerate Ukraine’s accession to NATO.