U.S. Will Send Secretary of State to Ukraine Ahead of Putin and Biden Meeting

3 weeks ago

The US authorities plan to send Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Ukraine ahead of a possible meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

CNN reports that the visit is intended to “reduce the excitement” of Kiev because of the meeting of the heads of the U.S. and Russia. The fact that Washington may send its top diplomat to Ukraine should send a clear signal to Kiev that the Biden administration supports the Eastern European country and values it as an ally, the U.S. media said.

It is noted that many representatives of the authorities in Ukraine are concerned about the upcoming summit between Biden and Putin, and expect that the US head of state will first meet Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Earlier, White House press secretary Jen Psaki responded to a question about the timing of a possible meeting between Putin and Biden. Psaki said there are no confirmed details of the meeting, including possible dates, as of yet. “When we have some details, we will announce them,” she noted.

On April 13, Biden urged Putin during phone calls to hold a bilateral summit on the territory of a neutral country. Then Jen Psaki said the presidents could meet in person this coming summer.