UCLA QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson Calms Critics In Upset Of Washington

PASADENA, CA. It felt like a five-year-in-the making night for Chip Kelly, UCLA quarterback, and Dorian Thompson Thompson -Robinson . Thompson-Robinson said that it was a performance meant to at least quieten the noises he had been hearing over the past week.

Thompson-Robinson stated, “I’m going through all the articles this week, and people are saying that we’re the worst team 4-0.” “They’re writing off us, so I believe my boys came into this with a chip in their shoulder. “I think I said to you guys on Monday that Washington could run with us. Not the other way around.”

This statement proved to be prophetic. After a win of 40-32 over the No. 15 Huskies who appeared outmatched on both ends of the ball.

Kelly said, “I thought he was very clutch.” Kelly stated that he was outstanding. With the game at stake, we’re going put the ball in his hand. We have complete faith in him.

Kelly and Thompson-Robinson, a former four-star recruit, arrived in Westwood simultaneously. They had a lot of expectations and a heavy army backpack. Since then, they have been largely underperformed. Neither Kelly, nor Thompson-Robinson — or UCLA’s administration for the matter — have ever wanted to end their partnership.

Thompson-Robinson still takes snaps in Kelly’s offense after five seasons. On Friday night, against a undefeated Washington team, Thompson-Robinson felt the partnership was a success in a way that Thompson and Robertson particularly appreciated.

Thompson-Robinson stated, “I wanted them running off the field.” “I wanted all the Washington Huskies to run off that field at end of the match. They shouldn’t be playing anymore. This is how I play.

Thompson-Robinson enjoyed the moment despite his hoarse voice yelling from the sideline. He was expected to transfer to the NFL or go to the NFL after last season. He stayed on for another year, throwing for 315 yards, three touchdowns and 53 yards with his legs.

Thompson-Robinson stated, “If you want to be the best you have to play the best.” “And you’ll all say Washington is up there so of course I’m going to give it my best.”

Thompson-Robinson was not content to make the traditional throws and carries that dual-threat quarterbacks like him can make when things are moving in the first half. Thompson-Robinson, a senior, also stopped a tipped balls interception by barreling a defensive end on his own. This caused him to drop the ball and kept the Bruins’ drive alive.

“I think that tells ya all about him,” said wide receiver Jake Bobo who transferred from Duke to UCLA. We feed off him. We will go as far as he takes.”

Thompson-Robinson broke through the open field a few plays later and quickly jumped over a defender. He leapt so high that he couldn’t touch the helmet of his defender.

Thompson-Robinson transformed the Rose Bowl into his personal track meet, on a night when he and UCLA shared the college football stage. His 2-yard touchdown run was interrupted by another pirouette, this time a stutter step juke that allowed Thompson-Robinson to walk into Washington’s end zone, leaving two Washington defenders unable to stop him.

Washington had fought back to make the game eight-points late in the fourth quarter. But Thompson-Robinson called his number and secured a crucial third-down conversion for the Bruins using his legs. He then sealed the victory with another conversion using his arm. It was fitting that it ended.

The Bruins had never been able to beat four inferior opponents during the first four weeks. Kelly’s team will soon be in the national spotlight after they beat Washington. The Bruins will be ranked on Sunday. They’ll also face Oregon and Utah in back-to-back weeks next week, giving them an opportunity to show the rest of America that the performance by Thompson-Robinson and Co. is not an anomaly.

Thompson-Robinson stated that while I don’t use social media 24/7, she does read it. “I do read it. Just like everyone else, I also get notifications. They do, even if you don’t think so. They do. They do. And I remember everything, even if it’s not something I say. We have a lot more to do.”

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