UFC’s youngest ever fighter needed parents to sign contract

As a 17-year-old, he signed his first contract at the UFC.

Raul Rosas Jr, Fighter beat Mando Gutierrez, 25, earlier this week in Contender Series to secure his spot.

Interviewed after the fight, the teen stated that he would be the youngest UFC champion.

Rosas Jr. is making UFC history by becoming the youngest fighter to sign with UFC. Chase Hooper was 19 when Chase signed the contract.

Fans and pundits alike are amazed at how quickly Rosas Jr. has risen through his ranks.

In an interview with TMZ the teen said he was not surprised and explained how he had to give the contract to his parents. He said, “No, not really [surprised by how quickly he rose through the ranks] because he’s been working all my life for this moment.”

“Right now everything is coming into existence. But I’m grateful for the opportunity but not impressed.”

He said, “My parents had to sign too because i’m a minor.” Also, parental guardians had to sign.

Rosas Jr is only 17 years old, but already has an impressive resume.

He has won six of his professional fights, the first being against Eduardo Velazquez on November 20, 2121.

Rosas Jr defeated Andres Portocarrero Pineda TKO before the Mando Gutierrez fight. The teen has had a great career. Credit: UFC/ YouTube

Rosas Jr. also boasts an impressive amateur record with six wins to zero losses.

He stated, “Most of them are happy because they don’t know how the process works to get me to the UFC.

It’s a lengthy process so I never explained it. They are just like middle school. UFC President Dana White stated that Rosas Jr.’s fight against Gutierrez was a success and she was confident that the 17-year old was UFC ready.

He stated, “There was nothing to even talk about. It was not even discussed back then.

“I have never seen anything quite like it… He is a genius, he is special, and he’s unique. You don’t often see 17-year-olds that are so capable of handling themselves.

LADbible reached out to Raul Rosas Jr. and UFC for comments.

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