UFO seekers found a ship on Mars

Hunters for the “aliens” found a boat in the pictures of Mars. A new conspiracy theory claims that NASA specifically landed the Curiosity rover next to this ship.

Alien hunters believe that they discovered a boat on a dry Martian landscape, which, apparently, is a sign of intelligent life that once existed on the Red Planet. Liquid water was on Mars for about 3.5 billion years, and not a single vessel would have survived. However, conspiracy theorists believe they discovered the ship, and the Curiosity rover was planted by agency engineers exactly where this object is.

The famous American ufologist Scott Waring (Scott C Waring) noticed the boat in the pictures of NASA and shared the idea on his blog. “As you can see, the boat itself is only three meters from the landing site of the rover. Very suspicious landing place. Obviously, NASA was aware of this ancient structure and intentionally planted a rover in this place to fulfill a secret mission to search for other people’s technologies, ”says Waring.

In his view, the agency never picks a touchdown point at random. “They knew about the remains of the boat and that it was a sign of an ancient settlement of aliens,” says the ufologist.

However, scientists usually say that a boat and other similar finds are simply the consequences of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where the brain tricks the eyes to see familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures like stone surfaces.