UK and US accused Russia of using satellite weapons in space

The United States said it was a Russian satellite system that maneuvered near an American satellite earlier this year.

Britain and the United States have accused Russia of launching a weapon-like rocket from a satellite in space. It is reported by the BBC.

The head of the British Space Administration, Air Vice Marshal Harvey Smith said: “We are concerned that Russia has tested one of its satellites by firing a projectile with the characteristics of a weapon.”

Such actions threaten the peaceful uses of space, the statement said.

The Vice Marshal urged Russia to continue to work constructively with the UK and other partners to promote responsible behavior in space.

The BBC noted that the UK is for the first time indicting the Russian Federation for testing weapons in space, and this happened a few days after the intelligence service’s report that the British government had grossly underestimated the threat posed by Russia.

The United States said the tests were carried out on the same Russian satellite system that maneuvered close to an American satellite earlier this year.

In connection with this latest incident, General Jay Raymond, who heads the US space command, said there was evidence that Russia was conducting “non-destructive tests of space anti-satellite weapons.”

He said that Russia had launched a new object into orbit from a satellite.

General Raymond added: “This is further evidence of Russia’s ongoing efforts to develop and test space systems and is in line with the Kremlin’s published military doctrine to use weapons that compromise US and Allied space assets.”